Many individuals including scientists still doubt climate change is a result of human activities, while many others do not believe climate change issues at all. While there are different opinions and views about the topic, the horrendous and bizarre weather disturbances that have happened over the years are proof enough that something is wrong with our planet. As it is, debates and discussions are simply slowing down concerted efforts to address issues, by eliminating human activities identified as causes of global warming.


Other Opinions and Contentions that Oppose the Global Warming and Climate Change Theories

There are scientific challenges to the theory that human activities have been causing unusual rises in global temperature, which have been causing the climate to change drastically.

While others believe that the harmful effects of climate change are imminent, a large sector believes that the policies that aim to address climate change are not helping at all, and are even counter-productive.

Scientists like Judith Curry of Georgia Institute of Technology, contend that the theory of human-caused climate change show scientific inconsistencies about global warming. Curry mentioned that climate data do not show that the temperature has been accelerating or increasing at the frequency true to extreme weather conditions,

There are those who have observed that the global temperatures have risen at levels that are lower if based on one of United Nations’ models, specifically the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC).

Among those who support this argument include former NASA scientist Roy Spencer. He asserts that observed temperature data like satellite data sets and surface data do not display any accelerated warming, enough to support the continuous rise in temperature.

Other groups contend that scientific models used to forecast global warming exclude few factors that affect global climate. That being the case, projections have resulted in inaccurate and incomplete approximation of global climate change.

Another group of scientists point out flaws in policies that apply to climate change and global warming. Not a few argue that there are more cost-effective policies for addressing global warming; and not just government regulations that aim to reduce carbon dioxide emissions.

According to Professor Freeman Dyson, who used to be connected with the Princeton University, said overnment policies should place more focus on renewable energy production.

Copenhagen Business School’s Professor Bjorn Lomborg mentioned that the earlier Paris Climate Agreement and the Clean Power Plan have few policies for reducing global temperatures.

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