Colorado’s Colorful Recycling is Actually Dingy

The recycling rate of Colorado doesn’t move on 15.3%. This is actually lesser in half of the 32% national average. In fact, the state of Colorado falls at the 20th most wasteful place. Last year, people in Colorado buried their garbages with an estimated amount of around 5.9 million tons. This is comparable to the weight of almost 142 airliners. And, to think, that’s is only just for one year-round.

In an average, Coloradan generally composts about one pound of garbage daily.

 The Real Problem Behind the Dingy Environment in Colorado

The environmental problem in Colorado is generally rooted in the following factors:

Lack of funding

Residents, businesses, and the majority of the municipalities in Colorado cited that lack of funding is a major barrier here. This actually results in recycling and composting programs that are inconvenient and inconsistent. There are still some places here where the use of non-recyclable single-use plastics is still prolific.

Lack of time processing the recycling mandatory

Although state legislature democrats already get the message of the dingy environment of the state, this just become a political nightmare. This problem is highly due to the short time of establishing a recycling policy.  However, here are some of the remedies enclosed in this week’s report:

  1. Create development centers to gather recycling business into the state
  2. Invest funds to support the process of recycling and composting
  3. Establish a plan repurposing organic waste
  4. Reduce the use of non-recyclable plastics

How Are Political Campaigns Changing In The Digital Society?

National and international election campaigns show how potential voters are reached today and, ideally, also won over.

At a time when voter behavior is becoming more and more volatile, the importance of campaigning is growing. This fact had been pointed seen by various Digital and SEO companies like SEO Sussex. At the same time, efforts to mobilize are subject to constant change that tries to keep pace with social changes. There is often talk of Americanization because innovations in the USA are adopted more quickly. In the electoral system and political culture, there are explicitly geared towards an economic logic of competition. The presidential campaigns that are in focus act as professional organizations.

A paradigmatic for this is digitization, which has gripped western societies and pluralistic democracies and also permeates campaigning. Its importance becomes obvious when it comes to addressing voters in today’s media system. Donald Trump is among those who have seen this advantage and thus he has set his agenda via Twitter. However, this development not only affects the channels of campaign communication, but also the management of election campaigns, which is increasingly working with data collection and analysis.

Big data: measuring the electorate

The data-based campaign management was established in the USA a long time ago. Already in the primaries, donations are raised, volunteers mobilized and scarce resources are used effectively – with the help of a differentiated database of citizens. Who registered as a voter and what preference was expressed in the process? How can this information be combined with customer data from other sources?

Flood of data: Alexander Nix helped Trump in the election campaign with his company Cambridge Analytica

This information can be used to identify potential voters and address them with target group-specific messages (“targeting”). On the other hand, an attempt can be made not only to predict their behavior (“predictive modeling”), but also to influence it if possible. A successful application of this variant of behavioral economics “nudging” would be “The Great Hack”. This is the title of the Netflix documentation on the scandal in the US election campaign: The consultants of the data analysis company Cambridge Analytica, which has since filed for bankruptcy, promised the Trump campaign, with their individual data and psychographics methods tapped from Facebook, “vulnerable” segments of the electorate to move to vote for Trump.

One means was to run countless different Facebook ads. This resulted in an “invisible campaign” that Internet activist and critic of the filter bubble effect Eli Pariser had already problematized with Obama in 2011: “How should an election campaign team know what the opponent is saying when its advertisements are only sent to white Jewish men between 28 and 34? who came out on Facebook as U2 fans? ” And what’s more: some of these dark posts served to demobilize suspected Clinton voters through “negative campaigning”.

Similar destructive digital campaigns can hardly be proven in Germany, which is also due to the fact that data is not available in the same amount in this country and its use is regulated more restrictively than in the USA. In addition, Facebook did not offer any politically differentiated addressability of users in the ad manager for the 2017 federal election. However, in 2017 the AfD used the services of the Harris Media agency, which also works for Trump, in order to use the platform’s instruments as effectively as possible.

Green Living only takes Minor Changes in Your Lifestyle

It is highly recommended by experts, world government and a lot of environmental activists to switch or to adapt to green living. It is not just good for the health but also, preserving the world’s natural resources and keep our Mother Nature alive.

Different Ways to Go Green

Luckily, there are many other ways that can be done nowadays to live a green lifestyle. The best part, it doesn’t require a big step to make it happen. If you are intrigued on how you can get started, here are a few things that you must know.

Use Solar Power

Integrating solar power into your house is an excellent way of making your house greener. This becomes possible by lowering the carbon footprint that your house creates and in the process, reduce your electricity bill. Photovoltaic solar panels are becoming more affordable nowadays while being so efficient.

You can have one installed in your house by performing a DIY project. If you don’t have the tools such as an impact driver, you can read some impact driver reviews online to help you complete the project.

Build a Rain Garden

In efforts of protecting the environment and keeping the land in your yard alive and lushly, you may consider building a rain garden.

This project works by channeling the rainwater as well as runoff from the gutter into a spot that is rooted down the ground while also flourishing the plants.

Make a Compost Pile

Composting offers so many benefits that are so underrated. Some of these benefits include but not limited to the following:

  • Enriching the soil
  • Helping to retain moisture
  • Suppressing pests and plant diseases and;
  • Reducing the requirement for using chemical fertilizers

Your yard waste and your scraps would create a soil that’s perfect for flowers to grow and vegetable garden.

Recycle and Reuse

Look around your house and think of the things that you can reuse and throw away. No matter how big or small it is, think first before throwing anything. For instance, it could be a paper bag, a broken chair and whatnot, you’d be surprise how you can actually repurpose these things to something new.

How Sisal Can Halt the Sahara Desert Encroachment?



How can desert encroachment be halted? To do to relaunch past efforts that failed to bring the hoped-for solutions, Algeria has trouble finding the solution, and researchers from all sectors are being called to the rescue.

Who is facing a heavy problem is Algeria, the most important country in Africa in terms of landmass: its desert, the Sahara – one of every of the most important within the world, is continuously spreading north.

It is driving populations to migrate towards the coastal regions and, at the identical time, reducing agricultural areas, putting food safety and particularly biodiversity in danger.

In the 1970s, the Algerian government launched an unlimited tree-planting program, ‘barrage vert’, or ‘green barricade’.

This was a belt of forest geared toward halting the advance of the desert towards the north of the country by creating a barrier of vegetation along a stretch of 1,500km linking the west and east borders of Algeria. The project was entrusted to and dispensed by young army conscripts.

Saliha Fartas, director of the Direction Générale des Forêts (General Directorate of Forestry) said that what is on its end is the action plan for the relaunch project and rehabilitation of the green barricade to fight against temperature change and desertification.

The planned objective is to increase the realm of vegetation to 4.7 million hectares.

Involve locals

It’s important to involve local inhabitants within the project according to Nadia Brague Bouragba. She said past mistakes with the green barricade were, first, the selection of species planted.

The Aleppo pine needs favorable conditions, like the soil, for reforestation in semi-arid and arid areas.

Then there was the origin of the seeds, which had been harvested from everywhere the place once they should be from the identical region within which they were to be planted.

What later caused repeated damage from pine processionary caterpillars, there was the monoculture supported one species.

Lastly, regarding it as an invader of their pasture land, local inhabitants had little interest within the Aleppo pine.

Given its vast expanse, the green barricade must answer non-negotiable priorities.

The first must be ecological: to mitigate the aridity and drought; to guard and enrich the biodiversity by organically increasing indigenous species; reforestation to shield the soil from erosion by water and wind; to relaunch a green economy by planting trees useful for those living on the plain, eradicating poverty and boosting agriculture at an occasional cost (with countryside fruit trees).

A positive socio-economic impact of the project has to be perceived, by involving neighboring inhabitants in it.

Alongside the government’s overall program, researchers and university institutes have undertaken local initiatives to produce appropriate responses to the matter.


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Cultivation of sisal

Two biology researchers have, for the primary time, investigated the cultivation of sisal fiber, which is especially suitable for stopping eating away within the country’s arid regions.

In Naâma and Ghardaïa in southern Algeria is where experiments have already started.

“The sisal plant, originally from Mexico, needs watering 3 times when it’s first planted, then it can last 11 years without being watered,” explained Abdelkader Fateh Bougherara, one of all the project’s initiators.

Bougherara is the head of plantations within the east, while researcher Rachid Kada is the leader of the project within the west region. The ministries of agriculture and also the environment are involved.

These two researchers don’t stop there. With the aim of accelerating the cultivation of sisal within the country, another project of 50ha has been launched in Ghardaïa.

In addition, a 3rd sisal fiber experiment is planned within the Ouargla region.

Advantages and uses

While this plant perfectly resists a dry climate, was this the sole reason the 2 biologists chose it? Its different advantages and its many uses are described by Bougherara.

Among its environmental benefits is that the sisal plant’s adaptability to the recent, dry climate.

This natural resource can respond positively to the matter of temperature change. It’s a biodegradable fiber.

Sisal reduces wearing, due to its deep roots, and contributes to good management of drainage basins. To guard crops and forests from predators and intruders, it also forms an efficient plant barrier.

The very resistant fiber, which might be harvested fourfold a year, will be used for creating ropes, carpets, matting, and various handmade products like Sisal Cat Scratch Posts (visit for more information). Its average yield in dry fibers is over plenty per hectare.

According to the researchers, it is often used for a variety of purposes. In agriculture, what will be used as fertilizer or cattle food are the plant’s juice, particles of crushed tissues, and fragments of leaves and fibers.

For the auto industry, the fiber may be added to fiberglass to strengthen plastic in cars, boats, furniture, pipes, and water tanks.

Grinding discs are manufactured from very strong sisal fiber.

It is worth noting that the textile sector is continually attempting to find an organic fiber that may meet its users’ demands. The fiber of Agave sisalana is additionally utilized in manufacturing textiles, and within the medical field, it may be used for the assembly of surgical alcohol.

Sisal fiber is additionally used for high-quality paper due to its qualities of absorption and resistance to creasing.

The researchers explain that the by-products of sisal are accustomed manufacture biogas, pharmaceutical ingredients, and construction material. Representing about 98% of the plant is the biomass remaining after defibration.


Environmental policy and management


Environmental policy must respond to the negative effects of the megatrends of recent decades on the environment and natural resources. Aspects of a “transformative” environmental policy must also be implemented in corporate environmental management to contribute to sustainable production and consumption.

Environmental policy

Sustainable development is not possible without protecting the environment and natural resources and using them responsibly and fairly. Water shortage and contamination, squander issues, deficient control of air contamination, loss of rich soils, and significant biological system administrations have genuine monetary and social results. Environmental policy must respond to the negative effects of the megatrends of recent decades (globalization, urbanization, industrialization, loss of biodiversity, climate change) on the environment and natural resources to prevent long-term damage to our ecosystems and life. terms.


The fields of action of environmental policy are correspondingly broad, such as:

  • Conservation of biological diversity
  • Protection of forests, seas, and soils, as well as the ozone layer
  • Control of air pollution
  • Sustainable production and consumption
  • Circular economy
  • The sustainable energy industry and mobility
  • Avoidance of environmental conflicts


Environmental management

Aspects of a “transformative” environmental policy must also be implemented in corporate environmental management to contribute to sustainable production and consumption. That is why GIZ advises companies along the entire value chain on the sustainable management of water, wastewater, waste, and resources. Counseling also includes occupational health and safety, continuing training, and gender equality. The aim is to convince companies that environmentally friendly management can also be profitable. Organizations in global inventory chains further develop their business openings in the event that they can follow worldwide natural and social principles through the use of website development. Modern parks advantage from supportable administration.

GIZ provides advice on environmental management at the international, national and corporate level, for example, on the subject of sustainable management of chemicals and environmentally friendly technologies.

In addition, recycling is an important field of advice, especially since e-waste and contaminated sites pose a safety, environmental and health risk in many developing and emerging countries.

Politics and Music: Adele TABS

In the history of music, there are countless examples of works that have written and shaped history. They are a mirror of social developments, have accompanied processes and provide many clues to understand what has happened.

Music conveys political content: Adele TABS (No Capo Version)

Music such as Adele TABS (No Capo Version) conveys content and gives expression to feelings and thoughts. Indeed, music is identity-creating and community-building. It can stimulate recipients to think along with them and further, and initiate processes of politicization.

Music can make people peaceful or aggressive. It can build bridges by bringing people together and connecting them, or it can build boundaries between people. Music can be highly political and must therefore also be reflected politically and measured against its goals.

Explicit political content can be found in protest song culture: Adele TABS (No Capo Version)

Adele TABS (No Capo Version)

Donovan, for example, moved millions of people around the world with his “The Universal Soldier” published in 1965. The song accompanied anti-war demonstrations and gave many peace activists the security and consolation not to be alone with their own thoughts.

The mobilizing effect of music, especially on young people, also tries to use other forces. It wasn’t long ago that neo-Nazis were handing out right-wing rock CDs in front of schools and training centers across Germany. In this context, music is often referred to as an “entry drug” into the right-wing extremist scene.

The musical expression of love, solidarity, appreciation, but also of accusation, hatred, pride or honor is embedded in societal and social contexts and must therefore be taken seriously and reflected on together.

Dealing with music in the context of political education: Adele TABS (No Capo Version)

Political education must give an overview of musical genres that are directly or indirectly related to political issues. The collection of materials offers teachers suggestions and aids for teaching. The materials can enable them to create interdisciplinary approaches to the topic from different perspectives.

Politics has always had a big role in people’s lives. Of course, it was like that in the past, but now this function is much bigger and more direct.

Saving the World – Words from the Gen Z

The world is heating up today as the ambition and the courage from the new generations are increasing. However, Gen Zs are more of young activists who lead today’s world by confronting it. That’s why together with the environmental heat, human activities also heat up the globe.

And this tends to be fatal especially to the environment. But, Gen Zs do not accept this fact. Here are some of the humbling and thrilling testimonies from these new generations.

Marinel Ubaldo of the Philippines

Ubaldo generally focuses on full-time issues about climate problems that concentrate on grassroots initiatives. She is a co-founder of the Youth Leaders for Environmental Action Federation. Being an advocate of the interfaith movement for the divestment of coal, Ubaldo’s work is too risky.

Anjali Sharma of Australia

After learning the effect of climate change on her relative farmers in India, Sharma got involved in School Strike 4 Climate in the year 2019. She hopes to stop the diversification of coal mines in New South Wales.

Yusuf Baluch of Pakistan

Freshly last year, Yusuf Baluch became an activist. This happened during the wake of the nearby massive forest fire at Gwadar, southwest Pakistan. For Baluch, there could be a change when there will be climate clubs and centers at any level.

CDP’s Laschet Loses to SDP’s Schloss as German Voters Want Healthcare and Environment Reforms

=German voters who flocked to the September 2021 federal parliamentary elections indicated they’re now convinced climate change is now a reality in the country. Preliminary voting results denied Armin Laschet a chance to succeed Angela Merkel as Germany’s new Chancellor. The recent disastrous events made clear that the country needs a leader who will seriously address the problems wrought by climate change.

In recent months, Germans experienced disasters in different forms, from fatally serious flooding to devastating wildfires and deadly heatwaves. The July 14 and 15 flooding incidents that devastated North Rhine – Westphalia and Rhineland-Palatinate, killed as many as 224 residents across Germany and Belgium.

Although the Christian Democratic Party’s (CDP) candidate visited the disaster zone together with Social Democratic Party (SDP) candidate Olaf Scholz, media cameras caught images of Laschet laughing while President Frank Walter Steinmeier was delivering a tribute to the flood victims. The seeming lack of genuine concern was the turning point for undecided voters. Considering that residents of worst-hit areas were already frustrated and angry over the government’s slow response to help the people out of their predicament.

Effects of Climate Change have been Affecting Germany’s Tourism Industry

Livelihoods provided by Germany’s tourism industry are the most affected by climate change. The Bavarian Alps landscape for one has been undergoing changes caused by the increasingly warm temperatures during the past decades.

Where temperatures of minus 20 degrees Celsius would have been enough to sustain the Alps’ snow-clad mountains, today, the minus 10 degrees Celsius temperatures can’t even bring sufficient amount of snowfall that winter sports resorts need to satisfy and delight arriving visitors.

While many have shifted their focus on becoming the destination resort for cross-country bikers and hikers, the effects of climate change continues to diminish the Bavarian Alps’ attraction to visitors. As the permafrosts are already melting under the increasingly warm temperature, the rocks have been losing stability.

Such conditions have led to increased incidences of landslides that have caused cycling and hiking trails to disappear; frustrating many bikers and hikers enroute to the fairy tale Neuschwanstein Castle, the most famous of the remaining castles in the Alps’ Eastern Allgau.

Yet the most devastating effects of climate change on tourism were the summer floodings in Ahr Valley last July The flooding disaster practically wiped out many of the country’s most visited tourist destinations. The assessment is that it will take years before the region can recover, as many of the hardest hit spots are the vineyards that have long stood the test of time until the rivers unexpectedly overflowed that surged and flooded the region.

Many consider the deadly Ahr Valley flooding a wakeup call for people to take the calls for mitigation actions and reform of environmentalists more seriously, which the German voters manifested by voting for Olaf Schloss

How Climate Change Affects the Postal and Shipping Industry

Cargo ship docked at port


This morning I used to be paying attention to a program on global geoengineering, which sounds very grand, and to be honest quite frightening – the thought of manipulating the weather systems on a world scale – with unknown consequences.

But this story made me give some thought to the impact of temperature change on the postal services, together with post sendungsverfolgung, around the world. OK, in an exceedingly blog post I’m not visiting go in a large number of details but I can a minimum of, hopefully, get you considering the medium-term impact of our current change in weather patterns – whether this can be simulated or not I’ll leave up to your judgment!


We’ve seen around the world that weather systems are changing and becoming more extreme. This phenomenon brings problems for the postal services whether that’s snow, drought, earthquakes, or winds, all of them cause headaches for the delivery of services. I used to be chatting with friends in Connecticut over the weekend and that they had been without power for 6 days as high winds had brought trees down and with it the facility lines. Interestingly for several residents, the mailman was the sole style of ‘formal’ communication they need had. These sorts of events seem to be happening on an increasingly frequent basis and aging infrastructures and utilities etc. are having difficulty dealing with the after-effects. These events will still place pressure on those trying to service the essential needs of the community for water, power, communications, and health care.


The provision of an infinite supply of resources will start to say no over the subsequent 30 – 50 years. Water, oil, wood, etc. will all become scarcer and thus costlier. One scenario may well be that paper becomes an awfully expensive commodity because it takes quite large amounts of these resources. The move to hybrid and electric vehicles are a few things that the postal services if they’re visiting survive, must implement for when the value of oil and petrol increase as supply potentially declines.


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Global climate change will potentially impact where people live and thereby where they require things delivered to. Rising sea levels are projected for a few times and although there are some small signs of this happening the complete impact may be quite devastating for coastal dwellers. If coastal areas are abandoned then the urban, noncoastal areas will become very crowded and this can place increasing demands on the social infrastructures, including mail. The second consequence of temperature change is that the working conditions for workers – the present trend seems to be hotter summers and colder winters, well for the united kingdom anyway. This suggests that things like air-con, historically an American phenomenon, will have to come to more temperate areas – although current air-conditioning is comparatively energy inefficient and so alternatives are also needed which could include dramatic changes in working patterns and building design.


Heating has become political over a previous couple of years and is seen as a way of raising taxes and ‘forcing through’ new legislation and controls. This may mean increasing taxes in travel, energy, etc. to fund sustainability publically services. This argument is potentially weak because the link to activate and global climate change remains not proven and there are experts on each side who will argue their case to great effect. However, this can not stop governments from using the guise of global climate change as a reason to extend taxes. On a separate note, the change in the use of resources will place pressure on the historic economic superpowers as society adopts new resourcing models.


Over the past couple of years, there has been a fall-off in letter volume traffic as communication moves from physical to virtual (Email, etc.) as they’re seen as greener and thus more acceptable means of communication. There has been a corresponding increase in the volumes of parcel and packet traffic as people shop online. I’d suggest that these trends will still a degree in 10 – 20 years’ time when letter traffic reaches an occasional point, becoming uneconomical to fund and operate a national postal infrastructure. I’ve got done some long-term modeling of those trends and that I predict that this time will come around 2034 or sooner if there are significant changes in weather patterns that force a change in customer behavior.


Reasons to Use Video Game Advertising for Political Campaigns

With the ever-evolving fields of technology, art, and business all influencing how marketing is utilized, marketers have to be ready to adjust their approach in order to boost their ROI.

For marketers that are still on the barrier or just totally in the dark on the advantages of leveling up your next campaign be it political or business with gamification, here is a list of some of the powerful characteristics gamified advertising can give.

#1 Entertaining

This one’s pretty obvious. Mini-games like provide fun and entertainment to gamers, that is it, whether it be to kill the time or to attain achievement, Games are a method of relaxation that talks to the very nature of humankind.

We as social individuals are strongly pushed to adventure, accomplishment, and victory. All of which can be attained within the security and convenience of a mini-game. In summary, games permit people to enjoy, and fun is marketable.

#2 Appealing

In contrary to the majority of traditional marketing, games cannot suddenly show up in user feeds, capturing user attention, rather, users are given both a choice and inspiration to play the game which suggests any engagement from that point on comes actively from the user, they are in charge, they prefer to communicate with the business, this alone is a purchasing win.

#3 Budget-friendly

The majority of marketers can attest that the necessary budget for conventional marketing can be large, depending on the brand’s scope. The needed resources so as to attain anticipated results can be both a baffling and costly method.

#4 Multiplatform

In the present times, the majority of people have multiple electronic devices which all have access to the internet, social media, and other applications. Wherever these elements can be found, video games can be completed. Whether it be portable phones, pads, laptops, or desktops, games can function in each platform, extending the range of any Gamification campaign.

#9 Educational

Much like brand awareness, games disarm users from their aversion to marketing to successfully inform users of new products from a brand.

How Climate Change Can Influence Substance Abuse

Climate change and substance abuse


It is not even springtime and also the country has been experiencing record high temperatures. The warmth may feel welcome during the winter doldrums, but it also comes with value.

Most of the warming trend is human-induced as hostile natural. We’re all playing our part within the trends and likewise are subject to the results.

Check out this site to know facts about temperature change. Everything is roofed from the ocean level rise to shrinking ice sheets to glacial go back to ocean acidification. All of those things are contributing to the unprecedented pace at which temperatures are rising since the 1950s.

These rising temperatures have produced humanitarian crises and associated mental state problems – including substance use disorders that Addiction Treatment Phoenix AZ helps people cope with.

The Impact of global climate change

The emotional toll of world warming and its impact on addictionWeather disasters cause panic and displacement of people from their homes and communities. The disaster might are available in the shape of flooding, earthquakes, high winds, and wildfires.

Associated trauma may end up in anxiety disorders, PTSD, and drug abuse. Particularly vulnerable are the extreme ages (very young or elderly). Also at higher risk for developing problems are those individuals who have a pre-existing psychiatric problem and people lacking in monetary and supportive resources. But no matter socioeconomic status, anyone can face loss of employment, home, or community.

First responders are also in danger of heightened anxiety and handling substances.


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The Emotional Toll

Of course, not everyone stricken by a natural disaster will have a pathological response. Variable and tends to fluctuate over time is Emotional response. As an example, there will be initial relief after an occurrence and sometimes symptoms of a disorder don’t appear until someone is triggered by an ‘anniversary’ event.

For this reason, early intervention by mental state professionals is important to a person’s recovery and success after an occurrence. Professionals tend to target normalizing the reactions of victims and aim to boost supports and make calm environments that foster good sleep and luxury. Naming the chances of using alcohol and other substances during a disaster is additionally a very important part of reducing the risk for people.

There are a variety of wonderful resources to assist address mental state matters after a disaster:

  • The CDC (Centers for Disease Control) advocates for an early reference to family and friends. Also, talking about how you are feeling instead of stifling emotions is very important.
  • Community response and emergency response are two-pronged approaches in disasters that the WHO advocates for.
  • SAMHSA (Substance Abuse and mental state Services Administration) offers significant hope, that specializes in the concept that kinsfolk are resilient and may recover from disaster and psychological state problems. They provide a variety of excellent suggestions and practical solutions for reaching bent on getting help during and after disasters.

Climate change is a component of our reality and there are things that we are able to do about it.


Making People Know More About Climate Change Through GTA V

PS4 Controller


Has Grand Theft Auto V game also come to reflect our planet’s environmental degradation even though, since its release in 2013, it has been a hyper-violent, parodic, and distorted version of our own society? To dramatize the consequences of worldwide warming within its fictional California-like state, San Andreas, a brand new movie explores how GTA V, which you can play with a GTA modded account, has seeded environmental messages in updates.

In Plastic Scoop, filmmakers Andy Hughes and Dr. Mandy Bloomfield, a coach in English at the University of Plymouth within the UK, explore environmental messages they need found in thieving Auto V, juxtaposing them with public service information films from the past 100 years.

“Over a period of time, it is noticeable that the game designers have begun to integrate into some aspects of latest culture and I should know with probably about 10 years now that I’ve been playing this game. In terms of environmental concerns, not only in terms of politics and advertising,” Hughes said in a very video interview.

The third-best-selling computer game ever released—behind only Minecraft and Tetris—exploring pollution and heating via thieving Auto V connects culture with our current best understanding of the approaching consequences of a changing climate, which can include a rise in extreme weather, like droughts and floods, plus dire consequences for ocean life and human social systems, including substantial drops in crop yields, flare-ups of diseases like malaria and mass population displacement.


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The film looks at Grand Theft Auto V from a perspective outside of the first mechanisms of gameplay, including the theft auto so essential to the game’s cast of criminals. The visual parallels to approximately 40 percent of our oceans’ surfaces with the billions of pounds of plastic pollution swirling atop, it shows in GTA V instead.

Hughes, an award-winning photographer, uses plastic litter and other waste materials in his projects and saw the identical proliferation of garbage within the game environments. He began capturing in-game footage of cityscapes filled with litter, Los Santos pollution, and deep-sea waste.

Bloomfield said in a very video interview, “We’d prefer to be told whether there are ways during which virtual realities in gaming can after all bring people back to pondering the problems that affect the fabric world.”

Plastic Scoop was supported by the University of Plymouth’s Sustainable Earth Institute, which searches out new ways to speak research to the general public.


The Impact of Global Climate Change to Human Health

Climate change affects human health in a very kind of way. Existing health problems, in addition to creating new ones, can be increased by extreme changes within the weather and environment.

Climate Change Protest


Here we glance at the foremost risks that global climate change poses to human health and discuss who may be most in danger from its effects.

Public health impact

psychological and physical state issues can be caused by extremes in temperature and weather, compounded pollution and toxins in the environment, and food security changes.

A number of the essential factors that influence human health are affected by climate change, including:

  • safety of shelter
  • air quality
  • quality, safety, and provide of drinkable
  • food availability
  • nutrition levels in food


As global climate change progresses, researchers expect a rise in related health issues.

According to the globe Health Organization (WHO), researchers predict that certain effects of global climate change will contribute to a rise of about 250,000 deaths annually between 2030 and 2050 from conditions such as:

  • heat stress
  • malnutrition
  • diarrhea
  • malaria


Climate change can even contribute to migration, as factors like drought and plummeting fish stocks can lead rural populations to maneuver into urban centers.

Living in urban areas can increase the chance of disease because of overcrowding and better temperatures.

Mental health

Traumatic and stressful it will be for the people who will be affected by extreme weather and natural disasters.

Extreme heat may additionally have a more significant effect on people with mental state conditions. In keeping with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), suicide rates increase with higher temperatures.

Depression and other psychological state conditions are negatively affected by temperature change and better temperatures, the CDC suggests.

Extreme temperatures may change how certain medications, like schizophrenia treatments, add to the body. Additionally, they’ll affect people’s ability to manage their vital signs correctly. That is why some people turn into naturopath Stafford residents prove effective as an alternative to medications.

Researchers have found that natural disasters, like Hurricane Katrina, have negative psychological state effects on those involved, including post-traumatic stress disorder and high levels of tension. Floods, heatwaves, and wildfires can also create these issues.

Concerns about the results of temperature change can also be a source of increased anxiety or despair for a few people.

Infectious diseases

Waterborne disease and insect-transmitted infections are probably going to rise due to global climate change, according to the WHO.

The reason for this can be that changes in climate could increase the length of the seasons during which insects transmit infections. These changes could also expand the realm during which they occur.

Countries like the US are also in danger of a rise in both current waterborne and insect-borne diseases and diseases that aren’t yet present within the area.

The danger of waterborne diseases and infectious diseases that cause diarrhea can also be increased by changes in rainfall patterns.

Heat- and weather-related conditions

Rising temperatures can cause or exacerbate a large range of severe health problems. Prolonged exposure to extreme heat can cause:

  • heatstroke
  • heat exhaustion
  • muscle cramps
  • worsening of existing conditions, like respiratory and heart conditions
  • death


Extreme changes in temperature are likely to own a more significant effect on certain groups of people:

  • children
  • older adults
  • people with chronic health conditions
  • people with less economic stability
  • people who are socially isolated
  • those living in urban areas, where heat levels are going to be several degrees warmer than they’re in areas with fewer buildings



ALSO READ: Greener Environment against Covid-19



An increase in extreme climatic conditions poses a heavy risk to health. Hot, dry conditions and droughts can cause:

  • dust storms
  • wildfires
  • a decrease in facility and quality
  • reduced quality of air
  • lack of food


Severe effects on human health can be caused by those factors, including:

  • increased risk of infections
  • injury
  • burns
  • respiratory problems from smoke exposure
  • malnutrition
  • death


Severe flooding and flash floods may be very dangerous. In keeping with the CDC, approximately 98 people die every year within the U.S. as a result of flooding.

Although drowning and injury from damaged buildings are the immediate dangers of flooding, other risks of flooding include:

  • exposure to toxic chemicals in runoff
  • displacement and homelessness, which might affect the physical and mental state
  • living in damp environments resulting in an increase in respiratory diseases
  • mold, which might reduce indoor air quality
  • Air pollution


An increase in pollution can pose a high risk to health. Higher levels of dust, ozone, and fine particles within the air can all reduce air quality and cause or exacerbate a variety of health issues, including:

  • asthma
  • chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD)
  • coughing and irritation of the throat
  • inflammation of the lungs
  • risk of carcinoma
  • airway congestion
  • chest pain
  • heart attacks
  • Allergens


Warmer temperatures can cause a rise in pollen production. A rise in greenhouse emissions can result in higher levels of allergens from plants.

As a result, people may experience the subsequent effects:

  • greater sensitivity to allergens
  • more frequent or longer instances of acute asthma
  • worsening of other respiratory conditions


Increased dampness and fungi, including mold, indoors can be caused by a combination of warmer weather and more rainfall. These conditions can even cause breathing problems.

Food security

Weather changes affect crops and food production. Food prices may rise, which can cause people to adopt less healthful diets. Poor diets can result in hunger, malnutrition, or obesity.

According to the CDC, the nutritional value of certain foods may decrease thanks to temperature changes. Fewer nutrients in many crops will result from the increased dioxide levels within the atmosphere and changes to the nutrients within the soil, experts predict.

Developmental and neurological issues

A negative effect on neurological health can be caused by exposure to toxins within the environment and stress-related effects of temperature change.

According to the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences, scientists believe that environmental factors play a task in the development of both Parkinson’s disease and Alzheimer’s disease.

Toxins in food and water can even result in health issues in a very developing fetus.


A Quick Look at Sweden’s Family-Friendly Policies

Sweden consistently tops the list of UNICEF’s annual ranking of 31 rich countries that have the most family friendly policies and best child welfare programs. The recognition focuses on the support that governments provide to ensure that the children of their nation will have better, if not the best start in life and opportunities for a bright future.

UNICEF considers family friendly policies matter, especially for parents working parents who have to maintain the right balance between their employment obligations and responsibilities to provide their children with the best and safest environment in which to grow and develop.

Sweden’s Family-Friendly Policies to Help Parents Provide Proper Care for Their Children

Since about 80 to 85% of parents living in Sweden are fully employed, the government makes certain that children will still receive the best care from the moment they are born. Parents are expected to take active parts in nurturing and raising their children. This is regardless of whether their union is sanctified by a marriage contract or otherwise.

To help parents carry out their duties and responsibilities in caring for their children, both mothers and fathers can take paid parental leaves for a total of 240 days each for every child born into the family.

They have the option to take the paid leave at the same time; or for the father to take leave after the mother completes hers. Although paid parental leaves becomes available whenever a child is born into the family, parents also have the option to save some for contingent events; such as when needing to take a paid parental leave to look after a sick child. However, the 480 days total per child must be claimed before the child turns eight which is usually after the child has completed his or her first year in school.

Moreover, all medicare and health care costs from point of prenatal checkups, to child delivery and through every child’s growing up years are provided free.

On top of those benefits, Swedish parents receive a monthly child care allowance for every child under their care, for as long as they are living together as husband and wife. Single parents are entitled to receive half of the current child care allowance afforded to Swedish parents, which at present is stipulated at SEK1,250 per couple or SEK625 per single parent. Entitlement to child care allowances are automatically provided after the first month a baby is born until he or she reaches the age of 16.

However, in light of all these parental and child care benefits, all parents in Sweden must take their parenting duties and responsibilities seriously. Mainly because the Swedish government, through the Department of Social Welfare and Child Care Services, reserves the right to take away a child or children from parents who have been remiss in providing their offsprings with the proper care and protection they need. This is regardless of the nationality, culture and upbringing of every parent acting as guardian over their children, while living in Sweden.

Under Swedish laws, every child is a full citizen and therefore have inalienable rights that protect not only their lives but also to attain proper education provided free by the government, proper upbringing, sufficient healthcare and other factors that can influence or impact their lives as future adults in Sweden.

This is probably why baby monitors are essential to every parent in Sweden, as they need to make sure their newborns are safe and secure against any possible harm. In fact, babyvakt kamera or baby monitors with camera are the most popular in Sweden.

After all, in just a few months time babies will learn to sit up and crawl, and even try to climb out of their crib so they can explore things on their own. A baby monitor camera can very helpful when parents have to do some chores in another room.

Most Asked Political Questions about the Environment

Honestly speaking, politics is some kind of challenging and crucial kind of thing. People usually recognize its power and authority. However, the COVID-19 pandemic take its toll in hindering the upcoming election. With the present problem of the whole nation including the eradication of COVID-19, we need to have politicians that will also be responsible for standing up for the environment.

Most Anticipated Questions for Political Candidates:

For us to be able to have this kind of politicians, the following questions should be essentially answered by those potential candidates.

1-What’s your stand on transferring the ownership of federal government lands to the state or county?

This is an important question to ask for potential candidates since public lands are managed for the Americans by the federal government.

2-Will you contradict the objectives of the anti-environmental officials in weakening the ESA?

ESA or the Endangered Species Act is implemented to stop the extinction of various plants and animals species. With that, this question is a must-asked one.

3-In case you will be elected, will you propose permanent protection for the public lands’ roadless areas?

Generally, undeveloped areas that are considered as roadless wild areas situated on public lands offer the best living places for marine animals and wildlife. They actually need protection because they are the most important sources of clean and safe water for drinking.

Environment-Themed Mangas Helped Japan Rise from Its Pollution History

In the 1960s, the government of Japan met with protests from a new generation of activists who raised issues about pollution and its effect on human health. The impetus if the protest movements was directed at Prime Minister Hayato Ikeda, who prioritized economic growth through industrialization projects that made the country’s environmental problems much worse. Considered as a turning point in the country’s environmental policies, the National Diet session of 1970 able to establish 14 laws in only one session. Called “the Pollution Diet”, the laws made Japan a frontrunner and strongest advocate of environmental protection, on a global scale.

A lot of environmental regulations were passed and enforced during the 1970s with the help grassroots activism that represented those who were negatively affected. Upon reaching the 90s, the country’s affected areas started to recover and there was a notable decrease in the pollution levels. With definite evidence on how humans grievously affect the environment, it is no surprise that environmental themes trended in animes. One of the most popular is manga that later took form as a Japanese anime presentation os “Black Jack.”

Japan’s History with Pollution

To fully understand how Black Jack’s mission is one that identifies with 60s environmentalists, it would help to know the history of pollution in Japan. The first pollution in the country started around the 20th year of the Meiji Period in relation to the operation of the Ashio Copper Mine. Ever since the second World War ended, the country’s political leaders focused firmly on the enhancement of industrial infrastructure. Japan actually evolved into becoming a industrialization-heavy by the 25th year of Showa period.

However, the amount of pollutants was exceptionally huge. Factories were constructed along waterfront areas in order to increase the production efficiency of workers. Yet it also resulted to generated a concentration of pollutants that produced pollution-related disease, such as the Minamata disease, and the Yokkaichi asthma.

The medical conditions and the help being provided by the new breed of Japanese medical professionals had apparently inspired manga writer Osamu Tezuka to create his famous Black Jack character.

Osamu Tezuka’s Black Jack

Originally published by Osamu Tezuka as a manga in 1973, the story revolves around Kuro Hazama, an unlicensed but extremely adept surgeon.

Before he became a surgeon, Hazama and his mother was caught up in an explosion in which his mother died and while he became gravely injured. After being saved by a surgeon named Dr. Homa, Hazama pursued his goal of becoming a surgeon himself while using the alias “Black Jack.” While his main goal is to provide people with another chance at living similar to the one Dr. Homa gave him. However, there are instances when Black Jack tested his patients, to find out if they genuinely value their lives he charged them for extreme amounts of cash.

Blackjack uses the money to provide pro-bono surgeries to those who cannot afford to pay, while he also donated to charities. His greater mission is where the environmental part came in. He bought island properties to save the inhabitants from harmful commercial developments.

The crusading surgeon also accepts payment for his medical services, by making his rich patients pay for the protection of the country’s natural resources. Published in the 70s, Black Jack the comic book had somehow helped raise the public was aware of the detrimental effects of capitalism in the environment.

Black Jack is only one of numerous environment-themed manga stories that have taken form as anime series. Apparently, Japanese anime films have garnered fans from nearly all parts of the globe as they can now be viewed via streaming channels.

It’s important however, to have a good Internet connection and any of the best anime apps in order to have the best anime viewing. Checkout the latest Newtokinews news article, as it provides a list of the best anime iOS or Android app to use when streaming by way of smartphones.

Fact: Bowling Balls Are Non-Recycable

We find many reviews about bowling balls like those reviewed by But do you know that despite the claims of the best bowling balls in the market, these balls are, in fact, almost non-recyclable?

Bowling has a long history and it’s not even clear where and when it all begun. But if you look back on history, you can see that the sport has undergone major changes over the years. These changes improved bowling and have had a great impact on the environment as well. Read more on environment protection in the manufacturing and trade industry here.

Changes can be small, for example, A. Different types of coatings. B. Different types of balls. But even the smallest changes can have a huge impact on the environment. Therefore, it is very important to understand the impact of bowling on the environment in the past and the direction of its future development.

Bowling balls were originally made from lignum vitae, a very dense wood that can sink in water. This type of tree comes from a very slow-growing tree that was once the world’s most traded hardwood. While this is not entirely due to the bowling industry, the lignum vitae has now become an endangered species due to its slow sustainability and high demand for its wood such as the bowling industry.

Bowling balls, so many wood resources used but it is non-recyclable?

At least some people tried. There are very limited ways to recycle a bowling ball. And if someone has ever done it, that would be to make them as decorations on the lawn or maybe inside the house. A zoo in Illinois tried to give bowling balls to the animals for toys but it didn’t turn out so well. While the animals enjoyed playing with it, they soon lost interest and soon the ball clogged drainages and destroyed cages. Professional bowlers donate their old bowling bowls to small and start-up sports organizations. But most of these bowls are often trashed and end up in recycling plants.

From the recycler’s point of view, bowling balls present a couple of issues. First, they are commonly created from thermoset plastic material, meaning the bonds ın between its elements are more robust when compared to those used in water bottles. This makes bowling balls hard or difficult to meltdown and reshape. Second, bowling balls have a lot of different kinds of components. For example, Aluminum cans are created from (mainly) aluminum, but these bowling balls are made of variations of plastic materials, paints, and various other chemical substances.

In recycling plants, to maintain the conveyor belts operating, companies like Sims need to find methods to gain income from the materials they receive, often by selling these items for secondhand use. For example, aluminum cans could be washed, categorized, smashed, and sold again to companies that melt and harden the items into brand-new canisters. However, a great number of materials hardly ever get resold, recycled, or reused. And one of these items is bowling balls. Hickland, once a designer of bowling balls, explained he attempted to figure out if there are methods to recycle old bowling balls. He found out that bowling balls could be ground down and turned into asphalt but the process requires a lot of energy and of course it would cost a lot of money which is more than it’s worth.

So for everything said in this post, bowling balls are non-recyclable so as a professional bowler, you should take care of your bowling ball. And if you don’t need it anymore, don’t just throw it out in the trash. Try to find something more useful with it. Or keep it in your garden as an ornament.

What Will Make Urban Transport Sustainable?

Most Members of the European Parliament want to see cities as greener and cleaner as possible. Not for its own sake, but to ensure a good quality of life for European citizens living in cities. This is clear from the decision adopted by the EP plenary in December 2015. This may mean less of the car and more of traveling via transport like Deutsche Bahn, one of the leading transport and logistics companies in Europe. So you may want to make it a point to check on DB timetable information (db fahrplanauskunft) from time to time.

Urban Mobility: Urban Transport Management

The report cites data from Eurobarometer No. 406 published in 2013, from its special report that European citizens believe that low public transport fares, good public transport services, and good cycling infrastructure may have the most beneficial effects on urban mobility. According to statistics, about half of the journeys made in urban areas are shorter than five kilometers, so they can usually be made on foot, by bicycle or by public transport, or by any other means of transport that must reflect in urban transport management.

More than 30% of road fatalities and serious injuries occur in urban areas, often affecting vulnerable road users and accidents, are linked to high concentrations and speeds of vehicles.

Issues With Transportation In Urban Areas

Points out that the widespread use of diesel in transport, especially in old and non-particulate vehicles, is one of the main reasons for the high concentration of particulate matter in cities, and that alternative fuels and transport in urban transport should be promoted to change this situation without jeopardizing urban mobility. The decision also talks about another very dangerous pollution of transport, noise.

The decision welcomes the Commission’s communications on urban mobility but is concerned that the European Commission is talking about developing transport concepts at the European level, which should then be adapted to the circumstances in the Member States. Instead, a bottom-up approach based on parallel field experiments should be followed instead of a top-down approach. To this end, the establishment of platforms for the exchange of experiences between local stakeholders should be strongly supported, and it should be possible to learn from success stories widely.

In several areas, for a total of sixty-two points, the decision sets out what sustainable urban and urban mobility planning must take into account and what the European Union and the Member States must do to develop sustainable urban mobility. The first issue is to return space and infrastructure to all citizens and to improve accessibility. It is about the importance of making planning, development, and decision-making more transparent, the constant consultation of all stakeholders involved in urban mobility, such as passengers, retailers, and freight carriers. The information should be publicly and easily accessible.

ICT-supported Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan

An ICT-supported Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan is an important tool to ensure appropriate and secure mobility solutions for all citizens. SUMPs should also take into account the special communication needs of persons with reduced mobility, and barrier-free infrastructure is critical for the mobility of persons with reduced mobility. A secure infrastructure must be provided for everyone, offering adequate space for the most vulnerable road users.

The development of SUMPs should be considered as an important element in the financing of EU projects in the field of urban transport, and the Union can provide financial and information support for the development and implementation of these plans. The urban policy should allow for the seamless integration of different transport solutions, such as public transport, car-sharing, cycling, and car rental services.

As the adverse environmental effects of the European Union’s transport system due to its dependence on oil must be reduced, urban mobility measures must be prevented from generating additional transport needs in the event of already excessive car use. To this end, the European Structural and Investment Funds should be used systematically to develop and implement comprehensive and integrated intermodal SUMPs. SUMPs should be in line with the current EU agenda and objectives, in particular those set out in the 2011 Transport White Paper on road-to-rail modal shift.

Improving the Environment, Quality of Life, and Health

The second theme is improving the environment, quality of life, and health. The decision emphasizes that there is local, regional, national, and cross-border air pollution, so action is needed at all levels of government to reduce it. A multi-level governance approach needs to be strengthened, in which all actors take responsibility for the actions that can and should be taken at their level.

Calls on cities to thoroughly assess the needs of citizens and businesses and modes of transport for sustainable urban mobility and to take the necessary measures to improve urban living standards, including increasing the share of sustainable modes of transport, including walking and cycling, with policies to promote intermodality.

The competent authorities shall, following the principles of precaution and proportionality, take measures to reduce traffic noise in cities and to improve air quality in cities. Ensure that the concentration of pollutants does not exceed the levels set by the World Health Organization guidelines. Let the 2025 and 2030 emission limits for cars be effective and ambitious!

It seems necessary to change attitudes towards the ownership and use of vehicles, so the decision calls on the Commission to develop and support collective forms of mobility. Analyze the impact on society of new forms of mobility, in particular car-sharing, based on the shared economic model.

Environment Protection & CSGO Skins Trade

Environmental protection means displaying concern for other living beings. Not only on animals and plants but also on other people. By learning from one another, paying attention, discussing, and listening to one another, you improve your coexistence a little more every day.

Animal cruelty, world hunger or water scarcity would no longer have to exist today if every person acted responsibly. Luckily, society is continuously changing for the better, even if it may not seem that way when you open the newspaper. Video players and businesses that sell csgo skins are joining environmental protection campaigns.

Environmental problems of humans and csgo skins businesses

Of course, positive change also relates to the greatest environmental problems of your time that humans have caused. People discharge wastewater from factories into the rivers, whose water you use to irrigate fields and for drinking. And in order to produce one litre of cow’s milk, people simultaneously produce 3 litres of liquid manure containing antibiotics and nitrates, with which you over-fertilize your fields.

Whether in the fight against soil erosion, water scarcity, plastic waste in the environment or climate change, environmental protection is so important because you saw the branch you actually like to sit on.

Environmental protection in the fight of csgo skins businesses against natural disasters

Floods, storms, and droughts are increasing steadily. The number of climate-connected natural disasters has tripled since 1980 worldwide.  They put an end to entire livelihoods and not least jeopardize your long-term food security.

So environmental protection is so important to protect people and to have long-term food available. The more you place yourself above nature, expect the more often natural tragedies will hit you in the future. You have to understand that you are only part of nature and not nature itself.

CSGO skins businesses environmental protection as a role model for children and grandchildren

If you are not yet convinced of the importance of protecting nature, you should be after this at the latest. Environmental protection means taking responsibility. Responsibility for you but of course also for your children and grandchildren, who may or must stay on this planet much longer than you. You decide for yourself whether this will be fun or horror.

Rabbits | What You Need To Know

Rabbits are just as sweet as sugar – we can all agree on that. They are soft and fluffy and constantly wiggle their little noses. Understandable that you want such a cute friend. This article will tell you what to consider with rabbits. It is very important to know that they need a lot of space to run, hop and dig. They need a big cage or hutch, will help you with that. Rabbits need also a good environment, sun, and land to dig.

Rabbits are sensitive animals

Rabbits are “prey” and are therefore scared if they are picked up. Your bones are very delicate; if the animals kick in fear and then fall off their arms, they can easily hurt themselves or even break their backs. Children under the age of 10 should not be alone with a rabbit, they need parents for support.

A rabbit means a great deal of responsibility

Many people don’t realize how much care a rabbit needs. Rabbits can weigh up to 10 kg and therefore need a lot of space! They need special food, such as grass, special hay, and fresh vegetables, food with grains in it is unhealthy for them! You particularly like leaves and branches, for example from the hazel bush. Every now and then they have to see a veterinarian who specializes in rabbits.

Many rabbits suffer even before they are sold

The laws protecting rabbits are very lax. The rabbit you see sitting in the pet store may have seen bad things before.

Baby rabbits need their mother

Pet shops and rabbit sellers often buy the kittens as early as 4 weeks because they then take up less space and look particularly cute. But such young animals should never be separated from their mother. Can you imagine being taken away from your mother as a baby and sold to a stranger? Pet shops are a terrible place for animals. And when you shop there, you are supporting a cruel industry that treats animals like goods.

Rabbits can get sick easily

Rabbits are very sensitive and any change, no matter how small, can make them sick or even kill them. You can tell that a rabbit is sick, for example, by a runny nose or by the rabbit’s head tilted. Even if a rabbit hardly moves, has diarrhea, sneezes have no appetite, grinds its teeth, drools, or is constipated, something is completely wrong. If a rabbit has spots or scabs on its skin, it may have fleas or mites. Because rabbits are so sensitive, they can die very quickly if they are sick. That’s why you always have to go to the vet immediately.

Rabbits need a lot of care

Rabbits are very social animals and have their own personality. Many people do not realize that rabbits need as much care as dogs or cats. You can’t just “park” them in the cage. If they don’t get enough love and company, they become depressed.

Maybe you get bored easily

In the beginning, it is still very exciting to have a new rabbit. But afterward many animals are neglected, ignored or abandoned. Some people simply put them in a cage in front of the shelter or take them to the forest where the animals cannot survive long. This is also prohibited by law!

Grooming is important

Rabbits are naturally very clean animals. They groom themselves, but unlike cats, they cannot choke up hairballs. Therefore, rabbits need to be brushed at least once a week. They should never be bathed, however, because a wet rabbit will quickly develop pneumonia!

Florida Passes Laws Overhauling Homeowner Insurance Regulations

Last June 2021, Gov. Ron DeSantis enacted bills that Florida legislature passed to institute changes aimed at overhauling existing home insurance regulations. The need to do so came as a result of the rapid increases in insurance premiums and growing number of lawsuits over denial of coverages for roof repairs.

The final provisions that overhauled Florida’ governments homeowner insurance laws, also include changes that aim to reign in overzealous roofing contractors. The contention is that many profit-driven contractors influence homeowners to agree to unnecessary roof repairs, which policy holders claim as part of their insurance coverage.

The revised law also tackled procedures home insurance policy holders must follow when making legal claims against insurance providers who refuse coverage of roofing repairs.

Worsening Weather Disturbances Causing Rapid Deterioration of Roofs in Florida Houses

Florida has always been prone to natural disasters, which makes it important for homeowners to make certain their roofings are maintained in good condition. While roofers urge residents to have roofs inspected regularly, the increased strength, intensity and harshness, as well as the frequency of the weather disturbances occurring in the Sunshine State have caused the rapid deterioration of roofings in many Florida homes.

As a result, insurance companies have been constrained to increase premiums and in some areas, reduce the coverage of insurance policies. However, some insurance providers refuse to pay for insurance claims that their adjusters deemed as unnecessary. In such cases, home insurance policy owners file lawsuits. They pay attorney’s fees based on the outcome of their legal case in order to avoid costly legal fees.

Yet most Florida homeowners deem it best to have their roofs inspected immediately after a critical weather disturbance in order to keep roof repair costs at a minimum and within basic insurance coverage.

After all, letting roof problems remain unchecked could result to serious damages that call for roof replacement, if only to ensure the integrity of their roofs. That way, there is peace of mind that one’s home is adequately protected against the devastating effects of hurricanes, tornadoes and tropical storms.

Overview of the Final Additions and Amendments to Florida’s Home Insurance Laws

The final version of the laws revising the state home insurance regulatory policies and as signed by Gov. DeSantis, include the following :

1.  Insurance providers must respond in writing to claims for insurance stating whether they accept, deny or continue the coverage.

2.  While insurers can assert the right to re-inspect the premises covered by an insurance policy, they must have a set of procedures for analyzing and investigating the notice of claim.

3.  When undertaking a re-inspection, the task must be completed within 14 business days from the date the right to reinspect was invoked.

4. Following the insurer’s re-inspection, a decision to accept or to continue denying coverage must be made. If the insurer does not make a formal statement denying the coverage, the insurance provider must respond to a notice of claim; or offer an alternative dispute resolution. If agreed upon by the insurer and policy holder, the alternative resolution must be completed within 90 days. Otherwise, the policy holder making the claim can immediately file a lawsuit after the lapse of the 90-day timeframe, without need to give the insurer additional notice about the lawsuit actually filed.

5.  On the other hand, if an insurance claimant fails to comply with the mandatory pre-suit notice that gives time for insurers to respond accordingly, a legal suit filed in court may be dismissed outright and without prejudice.

6.  The claims deadline or period within which a policy holder must file a claim has been reduced to two years.

7.  As for roofing contractors, the revised law bars them from offering pre-adjusting services along with offers of incentives to have a property inspected.

It is now mandatory for professional roofers entering into a contract with an insured homeowner, to present a detailed estimation of the cost of labor and materials for the roof repairs specifically agreed to in the contract.

Sustainability Trend In Minecraft Gaming

Video games like minecraft server are increasingly promoting environmental awareness. One of the most important conferences for game developers is on sustainability.

Sustainability trend has arrived in Minecraft gaming

minecraft server

In the gaming area, the sustainability topic is more advanced than, for example, in mainstream series. This is also due to the fact that society accuses gamers to have apolitical and anti-social behaviour. Gaming was equated with escapism, an escape into the virtual world in order to evade responsibility in reality. Now people are experiencing a new development. Game developers, and thus also the players, are taking back a bit of responsibility.

Are video games more than just entertainment?

In any case, video games are a medium and a cultural asset with great influence. Computer games are essentially shaping the future. Professionals can use computer games to change consciousness or to raise awareness because have great potential.

In gaming, you have the opportunity to try out utopian models of the future without having to feel the consequences right away. Video games have a great advantage in that you can die multiple times. So you can make mistakes and start over. In real life, the mistakes you make are irreversible. Also, video games tend to be very intuitive. That’s why it’s easy to get complex issues into people’s heads and maybe even hearts. Behavioural patterns that you can learn from computer games can then also be called up in reality.

Sustainable games should be about practising environmentally conscious behaviour

Actions that you carry out in a simulation go very deeply into your subconscious. If you play a lot of Assassin’s Creed and then walk through town, you always have to briefly resist the impulse to climb a facade. It’s the same principle for ecological games. The next time you walk past a garbage can after playing in real life, for example, you will have impulses that you know from the game.

Is sustainability just a trending topic in the games industry?

Sustainability is definitely a trending topic. It may seem artificial at first, but in the long term, it is necessary that you reflect the entire diversity of the population in the medium of computer games. But you have to be careful that it stays natural in the end and doesn’t look like you’ve jumped on a trend.

Video Games Join The Movement To Save The Planet

The gaming industry is determined to join the cause to save the environment, save our planet. A few of the biggest names in the gaming industry announce a series of plans to integrate environmentally-themed missions to known titles like Angry Birds. These message additions aim to promote awareness among players and encourage them to make their own changes to fight climate change or save the environment. These environmentally-themed missions also encourage small to medium and start-up gaming companies that promote free game downloads (oyun indir).

Video Games Like Angry Birds Encourage People To Save Earth

“By including this message in our games, we hope to encourage more people to do their part in helping save the planet. Saving the environment is essential for a healthy future and one day we will be able to share that with everyone,” said Evan Robertson, a developer at Rovio.

“The goal of Angry Birds is to save the planet and we’re doing just that by reducing our impact on the environment. We teamed up with Greenpeace to help make sure everyone knows where the birds’ eggs come from and how they can help protect them. We’re doing our part to fight climate change, so we hope that everyone does theirs,” said Peter Vesterbacka, CEO of Rovio.

“As a game developer, I have dedicated my life to creating the world’s best gaming experiences by harnessing our creativity and technologies for positive social impact. Today I am thrilled to announce that Angry Birds is becoming a proud member of Greenpeace in partnership with Rovio, the makers of Angry Birds, to help raise awareness about climate change,” said Jonney Shih, CEO of Greenpeace.

“We are excited to be a part of this effort as we believe that it’s important to highlight our contribution in making a positive difference for the planet. We want to inspire and enable players of all ages to care about this issue, which is why we have created a new message in every Angry Birds game that tells them how they can make their own contribution,” said Peter Vesterbacka, CEO of Rovio.

What is Greenpeace?

Greenpeace is the world’s leading independent green organization working to change attitudes and policies that threaten our environment and future. Greenpeace helps people imagine a better tomorrow by campaigning for science-based solutions to the most important environmental problems.


Greener Environment against Covid-19

Due to the pandemic that we are facing today, green cleaning practice is highly important. Green cleaning practices should always start with the reliable organizations of the government. With this, maintenance personnel and practitioners must have to strictly comply with those green cleaning practices.

EPA and CDC establish a step for the best practices regarding green cleaning. Check out the following steps to help out in the employment of such practice for the prevention of the Covid-19 pandemic.

1-Set up a plan

Initially, you need to develop a plan regarding the areas that you need to clean. To be able to identify the space for cleaning, use an EPA Guidance to determine it. Keep in mind that each building and facility have distinct needs which are highly based on the physical space and the number of person inside it.

2-Carry out the plan

If the plan is already available on hand, it is about time to clean out the area with specific products according to the developed plan. Always use soap and water in cleaning out dirty spaces and surfaces. Yet, ensure that safety guidelines are always followed.

3-Keep the plan and revise it as needed

Stick to the plan of cleaning the dirty areas with soap and water. Moreover, don’t forget to wear a face mask and do the handwashing most likely after cleaning. Try to observe social distancing if there are people around the area.

Additionally, it is important to keep yourself updated with the current news about the virus and its strains. In case, newer strains are found, consider revising your plan if it doesn’t work well with the new virus.

Inhalers and Nebulizers: The Asthmatics Fight Against Air Pollution

Air pollution can worsen asthma and lead to additional symptoms of COPD called asthma-COPD overlap syndrome (ACOS).

Air pollution and Asthma

A high level of exposure to fine dust and ozone in the air in patients with asthma can lead to symptoms of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). Their lung function is then even more impaired and they deteriorate more than patients who only have asthma. Pulmonologists refer to this clinical picture as Asthma-COPD-Overlap-Syndrome (ACOS).

Patients with asthma, whose air is long-term polluted with fine dust and ozone, have an almost three-fold increased risk of developing ACOS. This was the result of a recent study from Canada.

Point out the existing dangers of high levels of particulate matter

The range of effects of particulate matter and ozone on health is large, ranging from short-lived, acute irritation of the bronchial system on the development of allergies to chronic diseases of the cardiovascular system and lungs, as well as high blood pressure, diabetes, and lung cancer with significantly shortened life expectancy.

The effects on the bronchial system are very heterogeneous: While some of the asthmatics develop progressive changes in the lungs and severe symptoms, some seem to be less affected by air pollution. The reason for this is still being researched. The extent and duration of exposure – from childhood or not until older age – but certainly play a decisive role.

Inhalers and Nebulizers: Asthma Treatment Strategies

People with asthma have to fight their illness with medication for the rest of their lives, and various inhalers have become an indispensable part of modern asthma therapy. Learning about proper medication and other asthma treatment strategies allows them to lead active lives.



There are different types of inhalers that provide portable asthma medication – the metered-dose inhalers and the powder inhalers are frequently being used by asthmatics.

Electric Nebulizers

Electric nebulizers are stationary inhalers that are used for treatment at home. They not only help adolescents and adults but are also suitable for infants and toddlers. They cannot use conventional metered-dose aerosols or powder inhalers correctly because of their level of development so that the required amount of the asthma drug does not get where it belongs – in the lungs.

Recently, the use of portable nebulizers has been introduced in the market. It is handy, no tubing attached, and it can be taken anywhere. Before using a portable nebulizer, it would be best to ask your doctor first about it.

These nebulizers are so-called wet inhalers, in which an inhalable aerosol – i.e. a vapor containing active ingredients – is produced from a liquid active ingredient solution by means of a membrane or nozzle nebulizer.

Jet nebulizers are often used, which use compressed air to nebulize drugs that dilate the airways, that are anti-inflammatory, that dissolve mucus, or, if necessary, that have antibiotic effects. The active ingredient is filled in and used either by means of a carrier solution (usually saline solution) or as a ready-to-use solution.

Asthmatics Can Live A Normal Life

As long as you are in good control of your asthma, you should be able to do your daily activities appropriately. You can even sign in on any sport. Sports that teach proper breathing techniques, e.g. Yoga can be beneficial for asthma sufferers. However, if you find that exercise is making your asthma worse, you should tell your doctor immediately as your medication needs to be checked.



Roles of the Government in Protecting the Environment

Mostly, every individual have the responsibility of taking care of our planet. In our small little ways, we can be a big help in the reduction of emission causing climate change. But, what about the government? How can they be in control of protecting our environment?

How the Government Helps in Saving the Earth

Saving the energy, using the car in a lesser frequency, and recycling more are our responsibilities in taking care of the Earth. Below are the ways the government is taking its part.

1-Restore the natural part of the ecosystem

Protecting the forests, rivers, oceans, and wetlands are the keys to save the environment.

The most feasible way to save the planet is to heal the natural ecosystem.

2-Help small producers in the agricultural industry

There are local producers who practice sustainable ways of food production. Aside from that, the numbers of people who are becoming vegetarians are already increasing. However, the best thing about this is the respect given to the local producers.

3-Promote green energy

The more development in a country, the more energy will be needed to produce. Before, the cheapest options are the thermoelectric and hydroelectric energies. But, now because of technological developments, government can able to find better options.

How Do You Deal With Power And Politics?

In our organizations, power and politics have a bad reputation. Partly because of this, they do not get the attention they deserve. They are more likely to give rise to caricatures and exaggeration than to serious discussion. Yet they play a decisive role in the functioning of organizations. They determine the decision-making power of the organization and the trust of the people who have to work together.

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Dealing with power
How can you gain more insight into the workings of power and how do you practice the skill of dealing with power? Martin Hetebrij has been researching the effect of power and communication for years. He publishes about it and is one of the trainers of the Bank Leadership Program for experienced managers. Intensive, confrontational, and experiential training with a lot of personal depth.

Collaboration is a political challenge
According to Hetebrij, collaboration is not a communicative but a political challenge. The person who wants to perform his tasks and assignments well rarely has enough influence to do it all by himself. For most tasks, he needs support and approval from a variety of parties, both within and outside the hierarchy. These parties in turn determine whether or not they want to provide that support. If you want to get something done, you have to learn to act politically. Ultimately, all political action is aimed at getting something decided and executed. In a direct sense it is about exerting influence; in an indirect sense, about the concern to gain and maintain influence. An important means is a communication. While communicating, we form opinions, exchange visions, and defend or challenge points of view. But communication alone is by no means always enough. Sometimes choices have to be imposed, including on people who disagree. Then we use power, with sanctions for those who do not want to obey the decision. So the means of political action are communication and power.

Four aspects of power as a political resource
Wielding power. In organizations, the use of power mainly comes down to leadership. Those who provide leadership have the power to impose decisions, issue assignments, set goals, and assess employees on their results.
Answer power. Responding to power is an active act: refuse or obey. Answering power in organizations is tantamount to receiving guidance. Those who receive leadership actively think along, provide feedback, or oppose or pretend to obey and undermine the position of the manager. Responding to power has a major impact on the quality of leadership. Delegate power. Whoever has power can pass it on to others. To delegate power means to assign positions to people. In organizations, positions are distinguished, powers are linked to them, and then people.
Mobilizing power. If we don’t have the power ourselves, we can use that of someone else.

Four aspects of communication as a political tool
There is information transmission if a station is trying knowledge, judgment, or knowledge transfer to a receiving party. There is a discussion when parties need a consultation to analyze a problem, find solutions or compare solutions. In discussions, parties look for consensus by convincing each other with arguments. In personal communication, parties focus on each other’s subjective inner world. This can lead to sharing each other’s personal experiences and feelings in order to gain understanding, but also to unwanted interference. With inner communication, we communicate with ourselves in our own subjective inner world. This inner communication process always guides our communication with others.

Creating a Greener Local Government Workplace

Implementing a greener workplace in the local government only needs simple steps. Based on the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and DDevelopment you must have to comply with the proper categorizing of the steps into five various areas.

Here are the five areas of practice that you should consider in making your local government workplace a greener one:

  1. Energy
  2. Food
  3. Water
  4. Transportation
  5. Waste

Different Ways in Creating a Greener Government Workplace

Below are the steps in making a green workplace on the local government:

Boost environment-friendly practices by the staff

Making the employees being aware in saving energy is one good way of encouraging them to practice environment-friendly activities. By simply turning off or unplugging the appliances not in use may help in energy saving purposes.

Make some changes in an environment-friendly way

There are lots of changes that can be done to make a greener local government office. For example, you must use fluirescent or LED buld instead of incandescent bulb. You can also use reusable dishes rather than plastic or paperwares for eating lunch.

Initiate clean commuting strategy

Most of the local government employees are just living nearby. So, instead of riding a car that emits smoke in the air, it is better to walk miles or use bikes in going to the office or vice versa.


Well-known Offices that Go Green

More and more offices around the world today are “going green”. This is another term that describes an eco-friendly workplace. Here, the working ambience offers good quality for the employees. These offices enhance the use of natural daylights, a good ventilation system, and energy-saving walls.

The difference of the traditional offices to this green offices is that the latter requires more investment in terms of the financial aspect.

Examples of Eco-friendly Offices

Since there is also a downward rate of sustainable workspaces, green offices are already on the rise. Check below for some of the best examples of already established offices that go green.

1-The Edge

Located in Amsterdam, The Edge is where the corporate of Deloitte headed. The design conceptualized by OVG Real Estate features the LED Ethernet lighting technology. Employees have the ability to set the ambience of the workspace through the use of a smartphone app.

 2-InEdi coworking

In Milan, Italy, you will see this creative and ecologic workplace that is about 900sqm. The furniture here comes from recycled materials whereas the electricity is sourced out from renewable energy sources.

3-7 More London

This office from the United Kingdom exploits the power of solar panels and recycled oil. It also encourages its employee to go to the workplace via an eco-friendly approach as well. So, they provide a bike parking space for this.


Why Is It Important to Protect Nature?

Life sustainability also walks hand-in-hand with protecting the environment. With that, it is very much essential to protect the environment. Fortunately, there are numbers of strategies in order for us to protect Mother Earth.

However, you may still be thinking why is there a need for protecting the world we live in? So, in order to help you clearing out your second thoughts, we will give here 5 best reasons for the importance of protecting our nature.

The Need to Save Mother Nature

The following ways will help us to sustain our living as well as protecting the Earth:

1. Caring for the Ecosystem

Our ecosystem is the cradling place of our enviroment. Having a destructed environment will lead to destruction of the whole ecosystem as well.

All of the elements that are part of the environment are related to one another. 

2. For a better future of humanity

Destruction of the environment means taking out the home of everyone living on Earth.

3. Save the forests

The forests are another elements where in we can get some of our natural resources. They help a lot on our daily living giving off some of our needs like woods and rubber.

4. Moral obligation

As inhabitant of this planet, it is our number one responsibility to ensure the protection of our home.

Different Environmental Issues to be Aware Off

In connection with the innovation and technological changes today, the environment is also facing numbers of environmental problems. These problems immediately increase and cause havoc to our planet Earth for many years. Due to this, damaging the environment becomes really alarming. And sad to say, the preventive measures that we did is in contrast with protecting the environment.

Having this in mind, lots of environmental organizations play their part in educating humankind on how to protect the environment. Putting our eyes on the outside world will give us the vision of the different environmental issues that we should have to act upon.


List of Environmental Issues

Below are the top ten environmental problems that we must be aware of:

  1. Pollution (Air, Land, and Water)
  2. Climate Change
  3. Global Warming
  4. Genetic Modification
  5. Ozone Layer Depletion
  6. Overpopulation
  7. Loss of Biodiversity
  8. Public Health Concerns
  9. Medical Waste Disposal
  10. Nuclear Issues

As inhabitants of this world, we should do our part in taking care of the environment. We should have to make sure that every step that we make will help in protecting the earth and not to cause farther damage on it.

There will come a time that people will realize that the world we live in also has specific rights. It is to live freely, happily, and clean without pollution. Bear in mind that as inhabitants of this planet, we cannot live without it, but this Earth can exist without us.

We Need To Do More Than Using Paper Straws And Eco Bags To Protect The Environment

The United States of America is among the countries who are witnessing the brunt of global warming as climate itself begins to act up terribly, much to the inconvenience of many innocent people. One great and most recent example of this climate crisis that the US has experienced is Hurricane Ida, which devastated New Orleans last week as a very intense Category 4 tropical cyclone. As Ida made its way across the United States, eventually going into the busy New York City, it dumped tremendous amount of rainfall. This caused major flooding in many urban streets, something that the people in the city has never experienced in their life before.

It is very hard to keep the conversation about climate change not political, but the thing is that we need support from our leaders to stop the destruction of our environment. Humanity’s selfish ways to sustain their needs has impacted the environment negatively, and in return, the environment is giving us back the horror through these destructive hurricanes, and even wildfires. Nonetheless,we should act fast, better yet act NOW, to save the environment.

Real Change For Protecting Mother Nature Must Happen In The Higher-Ups First

Many environmental organizations have been advocating sustainable materials to be used by people to create new things. For one, instead of using straw made of plastic, which is destroying Mother Nature as it is with billions of accumulated plastic straws in the ocean, we can switch to paper straw made of recycled materials. Also, when going to the grocery store, instead of asking for plastic bags to carry your groceries, you can just pick the reusable eco-bag instead.

Those things being said, as much as we all appreciate the efforts in protecting the environment, we are running out of time. As the years pass, many unwanted consequences of climate change are confronting us. Instead of running away and ignoring these consequences, we should make a stand. Using paper straw instead of plastic straw to do our part in saving nature is great, but for a more distinguishable change, we need to ask big corporations, responsible for the production of pollutants that affect the environment, to join us in our mission. Read more:  for the best kitchen guide in picking your grillers. Don’t worry, your food will taste delicious but you don’t have to worry about the griller’s smoke. It is eco-friendly!

How Disposable Masks Affect the Environment?

Majority of the medical wastes generated everyday are the disposable masks that accumulates since the COVID-19 pandemic strikes.

Health workers need to wear PPE such as face masks when the COVID-19 pandemic hits the nation. The N95 type of face mask is the one that is highly in demand to stop the dissemination of the COVID-19 virus. However, the use of face masks entails some risks in terms of the financial and environmental aspects.

Since it is a must to wear face masks and health workers will continue using such, medical wastes of this product shoot up eventually. Well, opting to use a reusable mask would help in reducing such waste.

Face Masks Reduce and Reuse Cycle

During the early onset of the pandemic, face masks like the N95 are becoming in demand resulting in stocks shortage. Lots of health workers are required to use a single face mask throughout the day. This is in contrast to the protocol of using one mask per individual patient. To be more on the sterile side of things, some hospitals strategize to decontaminate such equipment by applying hydrogen peroxide.

With this comes up the development of the reusable N95 mask. The new type of N95 mask is composed of silicone rubber with an N95 filter. Both substances are sterilizable and discardable after use.

Sustainable Lash Extension Product

The cosmetics industry in particular has been grappling with numerous allegations from animal welfare organizations and environmentalists for years. And not without good reason!

Almost a third of all cosmetic and personal care products contain different chemicals that cause hormonal changes. Nevertheless, even smaller brands have already developed sustainable and harmless alternatives.


Eyelash extensions: Environmentally conscious manufacturers

eyelash extensions

In contrast to cosmetics, other industries are already one step further. In the furniture and furnishing industry, for example, various certified woods from ecological forestry are increasingly being used as the basis for tables, chairs, cupboards or decorative items. Some designers and manufacturers also use part of their income to prevent endangered forests from being cut down and to plant new trees.

The right products are also increasingly being used on the desk in sustainable offices. They are using notebooks made of recycled leather, notebook bags made of wool felt or pens made of fine synthetic resin. Those who consciously equip themselves and show their colleagues that style and sustainability do not have to be mutually exclusive are setting an example and setting a good example.


Greenwashing in the cosmetics and eyelash extensions industry

More and more cosmetic items and eyelash extensions are labelled with the terms “organic” and “sustainability”. Somewhere on the label, for example, a green logo is emblazoned and promises sustainably produced cosmetics. Consumers may even really want to do something good for themselves and the environment. So they resort to these products and fall into the trap.

This method is called “greenwashing”. Companies boast about certain social or ecological achievements and thus pursue a brazen strategy. Because uninformed consumers, who are lost in the jungle of seals of the market, buy “bad” products despite possible good intentions. The company’s services that are declared sustainable are often purely invented or at least so minimal in relation to the negative eco-social effects of the core business that they can almost be classified as fraud.

Real seal for controlled natural cosmetics

It is all the more important that you have to inform yourself about the corresponding seals.  You must check their official meaning, for example on the Internet, before reaching out for a product. Of course, smaller brands keep coming onto the market that is not tested directly. Then it is important to take a closer look at the ingredients. Check also any information about manufacturing processes, company philosophy, etc.

Does An Electric Scooter Provide Eco-friendly Mobilty?

In recent years, electric scooters have experienced an incredible growth in popularity. Today, these devices are a common sight on pavements and streets in numerous cities around the globe which are either rented out or privately owned. Regardless, there is a shift in urban mobility where it is becoming faster, cleaner, as well as going electric.

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Electric Scooters As Eco-friendly Alternative For Transport

Not only do electric scooters offer a convenient, easy, and swift way for people to get around town, but they are also presented as an eco-friendly and economical method of transportation in urban areas. As it benefits both the people and the environment, several governments are taking the proper measures and passing legislations to make the use of e-scooters legal as well as ensure the safety of all e-scooter users.

When it comes being an environment friendly mode of transport, electric scooters release significantly less amounts of carbon emissions compared to automobiles. Obviously, most automobiles are powered by fuel which cause them to produce more carbon emissions than e-scooters run on premium batteries.

Other than this, there are more ecological benefits of electric scooters that need not to be contested. However, there is a need for continuous innovation of e-scooters as well as implementation of regulations so as to ensure that this efficient mode of transportation is truly eco-friendly, from the resources used, manufacturing process, to its end use and eventual disposal.

Resolution To Korea’s Environmental Issues

Korea has many social contradictions and conflicts as it has achieved rapid industrialization and hastened its way to an advanced country. Of particular concern is the environmental problem. Concerned citizens had been voicing this out in social media and discussion boards like Damda World 담다월드.

Water Pollution. A representative example of environmental pollution is the phenol contamination of the Nakdong River by Doosan Electronics in 1991. As a result of this incident, water sources in Daegu and Busan were polluted, making it impossible to drink tap water for several days. Because they knew that the water was very polluted.

Land Pollution. Garbage disposal is also a major issue for the city. It is necessary to create an organizational network to fundamentally reduce the ever-increasing amount of waste, but it is not to the extent that producers, sellers, and users are held accountable. In the case of Seoul, it was not until the 1990s that garbage was disposed of in city-designated garbage bags (charged), and selective collection began. A splendid World Cup Stadium is being built next to a huge landfill (Nanjido) of garbage generated by Seoul citizens.

Air Pollution. Measures against automobile exhaust gas have also become an urgent issue that cannot be neglected.

Awareness has increased. In order to preserve the environment, it is necessary to drastically change the way of thinking from the previous production-first principle. The government’s response also began in earnest with the Framework Act on Environmental Policy enacted in 1990, the Natural Environment Conservation Act of 1991, and the Environmental Impact Assessment Act of 1993. Since the 1990s, the resident-led environmental protection movement has been ambitious, and the Environmental Movement Federation (renamed the Environmental Federation in January 2000) was launched in 1993.

Resolution to Korea’s Environmental Issues

The population of South Korea has exceeded 46 million and is projected to exceed 48 million and 54 million in 2000 and 2020, respectively. If North and South Korea are reunified, it is estimated that there will be 77 million people in 2000 and more than 93 million people in 2020. Considering such population growth and economic growth together, the increase in energy and resource requirements is inevitable. Unless measures are taken, the quality of the environment will be greatly deteriorated.

Therefore, as a measure to conserve air, it is necessary to strongly establish and promote fuel use regulations such as mandatory use of clean fuel and expansion of the supply of low-sulfur oil, measures against automobile pollution, and measures against pollution in industrial complexes.

Conservation of pollution, reinforcement of intensive management of heavily polluted rivers, expansion of purification facilities for domestic sewage and factory wastewater, reinforcement of guidance and enforcement of pollutant discharge facilities, and strengthening of management of sea areas with severe marine pollution should be continuously pursued.

In conclusion, in order to achieve economic growth and environmental conservation at the same time, environmental conservation technology development such as development of a process to reduce pollutant emissions, development of safe treatment technology for harmful heavy metals, and technology development to produce low-polluting or non-polluting products should be strengthened A shift and spread of public awareness must be a prerequisite for this.

U.S. and European Cities are Designating Roads for Exclusive Use of Bikers

It took a pandemic for city governments to give full support to the use of bicycles in city roads, where bikers before were regarded as a road nuisance. Today in several U.S. and European cities, local governments have taken steps to make bicycle-use more permanent, as a mode of transport by dedicating miles and miles of city roads for exclusive use of bikers and pedestrians.

Actually, there’s been an explosion of bike use after people started coming out of their quarantine hiatus, to avoid riding in public transport systems. Making the transition was easier today than it was before, as there are now electric bikes to suit different types of people, including seniors. The availability of electrical power to supplement physical effort makes riding a bike to work, to school or to a business place, a lot more manageable.

UK Government, to Boost Bike Use on a Nationwide Level

The UK government though is taking the transformation to a nationwide level as funds have been provided to cities to make it more convenient for citizens to use their bicycle. UK’s Secretary of Transport, Grant Shapps, announced last May 09 that about £250 million will be released to local government authorities to use as funds in installing “pop-up” cycling and walking infrastructure in their respective cities.

The amount was released as emergency funds from out of the £2 billion package to boost biking and walking throughout the country during and after the pandemic.

According to the British Transport Secretary, the use of alternative modes of transportation have both short- and long-term benefits that will carry on even if the pandemic subsides. Secretary Shapps said that although cars will still be vital for many, the future plan is to build a country with cleaner air, greener travel behaviors and healthier communities. He added that the transportation department is fast-tracking the development of statutory guidelines that will be implemented in anticipation of the significant increase in cycling and walking activities.

A Quick Glimpse of Some of the Biker-Friendly Cities in the U.S.

Several state governments in the U.S. have taken action to support their citizens in making the transition to bike-riding over the use of private cars and public transports. The actions taken include temporarily closing to car traffic, some thoroughfares in major cities to make walking and cycling safe for everyone

1. Seattle foe one has announced that nearly 20 miles of the city roads will be transformed into pedestrian streets permanently closed to vehicular traffic.

2.  In Oakland, the city government plans to gradually close 74 miles of roadways to vehicular traffic, which is about 10% of the city’s entire cityscape.

3.  Denver has already designated 13 miles of open streets for pedestrians and cyclists.

4.  Minneapolis has set aside 18 miles of road purely for use of pedestrians and bikeks.

5.  New York City has already dedicated 12 miles of roadways for pedestrians and only recently added 9 miles of protected bike lanes. Since city has experienced a dramatic drop in traffic, the local government has legalized the use of ebikes. The government also plans to implement regulatory guidelines as many city-dwellers have been driving the sale of ebikes in recent months.

By the way, although there is quite a selection of ebikes under $1,000 ( being offered online, review website ponfish gives advice to carefully look over the features and make of each ebike type. That way you can make informed decisions on what is suitable for your regular use. Some electric bikes come with wide fat tires, others are recommended as safest for commuters, particularly for seniors.