It is undeniable that children are always playing digitally these days. They don’t want to stay outside more often. Playing the games they found on online platforms is more entertaining for them. However, as a parent, you can find ways how to get your children outside. Through some activities, they will learn how to respect the environment. This way, they can minimize playing video games and instead do some environment protection activities.

Some ways you can teach your children to respect the environment

Take as many trips to nature as possible

Walking in nature is not only healthy for your child but also a good way to show him that side of the world that he doesn’t see every day. A hike through the forest should not only be an opportunity for movement and fresh air, but also an opportunity for education.

Document yourself thoroughly and try to teach the child about the various types of trees that grow in the respective area, but also about the smaller plants, animals from all orders, and their role in the ecosystem. It will be much more fascinating for the little one to learn all these things live, than if he were to watch a documentary which, at his age, would probably bore him.


Teach him about alternative transportation

As much as boys and even some girls like cars, you should try to teach your child about the pollution they cause. Explain to him the advantages of an electric car and, especially as he grows up in a crowded city, show him that he does not need a car to go anywhere.

In everyday journeys, use alternative personal transport. If he is too small to use a bicycle, the best way to show him the advantages of this type of transport can be an electric scooter for children. Being safe from accidents, he will learn from an early age to enjoy electric mobility in the century of speed.

Eliminate as much plastic as possible from his life

Even if plastic is essential for the production of numerous objects and devices that make your lives easier, the extremely slow rate of biodegradation makes this material a constant source of pollution. Once your child is old enough to understand this, show him that there are alternatives to plastic.

Always use textile bags when you go shopping and teach your child to refuse the “bag” offered by supermarket cashiers. Explain that he does not need to drink juices with a straw or offer him a reusable steel or glass straw. You can also replace the traditional toothbrush with one made of bamboo.