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Packing with brains makes the move more sustainable with moving company Sarasota

It is now known that cardboard boxes can be stored, loaned or reused for an environmentally friendly move. Thus, the cardboard box only carries a comparatively small proportion of the waste that is created in the course of a change of residence. It is paper that is wrapped around dishes, styrofoam, which is used to protect electrical appliances, or bubble wrap for sensitive furniture, which collects a mountain of environmentally unfriendly waste.

However, a move can also be managed with creativity and thus become more sustainable. Everyone who moves should rationally question previous patterns of action and look for environmentally friendly alternatives. For example, you can reduce the use of paper, cardboard and plastic.

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Sustainable packing tip 1: Collect packaging material in good time

On the one hand, residents can collect plastic bags or packaging material in advance. Electronic devices in particular are often protected with plastic or styrofoam. Bubble wrap is also used to protect some goods. With the move in mind, you can collect these materials and use them for packing and upholstering. This means that materials are still used that end up in the garbage after the move and have a negative effect on the eco-balance of the move. However, at least no new plastic waste is created by the change of residence.

Sustainable packing tip 2: Pack with your own textiles

The use of in-house textiles such as towels, sheets and fitted sheets is even more environmentally friendly. So dishes can be wrapped in towels and transported safely. You can use duvet covers or fitted sheets either as protective covers for furniture or as a transport bag for clothing and other loose items.

In addition to duvet covers and moving boxes, other household items can serve as transport boxes. For example, shoes can be stowed in empty suitcases, loose screws or other small items in Tupperware boxes. A key factor that can make a move green is time and patience.