Video games like minecraft server are increasingly promoting environmental awareness. One of the most important conferences for game developers is on sustainability.

Sustainability trend has arrived in Minecraft gaming

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In the gaming area, the sustainability topic is more advanced than, for example, in mainstream series. This is also due to the fact that society accuses gamers to have apolitical and anti-social behaviour. Gaming was equated with escapism, an escape into the virtual world in order to evade responsibility in reality. Now people are experiencing a new development. Game developers, and thus also the players, are taking back a bit of responsibility.

Are video games more than just entertainment?

In any case, video games are a medium and a cultural asset with great influence. Computer games are essentially shaping the future. Professionals can use computer games to change consciousness or to raise awareness because have great potential.

In gaming, you have the opportunity to try out utopian models of the future without having to feel the consequences right away. Video games have a great advantage in that you can die multiple times. So you can make mistakes and start over. In real life, the mistakes you make are irreversible. Also, video games tend to be very intuitive. That’s why it’s easy to get complex issues into people’s heads and maybe even hearts. Behavioural patterns that you can learn from computer games can then also be called up in reality.

Sustainable games should be about practising environmentally conscious behaviour

Actions that you carry out in a simulation go very deeply into your subconscious. If you play a lot of Assassin’s Creed and then walk through town, you always have to briefly resist the impulse to climb a facade. It’s the same principle for ecological games. The next time you walk past a garbage can after playing in real life, for example, you will have impulses that you know from the game.

Is sustainability just a trending topic in the games industry?

Sustainability is definitely a trending topic. It may seem artificial at first, but in the long term, it is necessary that you reflect the entire diversity of the population in the medium of computer games. But you have to be careful that it stays natural in the end and doesn’t look like you’ve jumped on a trend.