Video games are an escape from reality? Again and again, virtual worlds confront you with real challenges of your time. Even complex issues such as environmental protection and sustainability are the subject of an exciting story. Video games like league of legends have more impact on your real lives than you might think. There is great potential in terms of environmental protection and sustainability to sensitize gamers and change their everyday behavior. Even getting cheats and playing league of legends can help with environmental awareness. eloboostleague

Gaming for a greener future: how does it work?

Sustainable games deal with ecological issues in creative ways. For example, you can simulate future models and show the consequences of environmental pollution and resource exploitation. In fictional worlds, the consequences of human actions are often even more tangible because they are part of the gaming experience. This experience can also have a positive learning effect. By rewarding resource-saving and responsible actions in games, you unconsciously learn behavioral patterns that you can adopt in real life. Sustainable games not only have an entertainment value, but often also an educational claim or can even be classified as serious games classify.

Eco: A modern civilization in harmony with nature?

Imagine you are on an earth-like planet with untouched nature, wild forests and undeveloped landscapes. This is the online game “Eco“. Your task now is to build a modern civilization together with other players without destroying nature and its sensitive ecosystems. From the construction of the first wooden huts to the invention of machines in the industrial revolution to the digital age. Everything you do in the simulation game has a direct impact on the environment. The more complex the economic processes become in the course of the game, the greater the interventions in nature. You can take on the role of political or economic decision-maker. For example, you can propose laws that prevent other players from certain actions. Your goal is to keep the balance between economical use of resources and human progress. You need modern technologies to avert a devastating natural disaster in the end. “Eco” combines ecological and economic factors that are also essential for the real survival of mankind. It demonstrates that you must act proactively as a community in order to have a future on this planet. Video games have a significant advantage when it comes to learning, practicing and trying out future models. In virtual space, you can make mistakes, just start over and try again. Unfortunately, that doesn’t work in reality. You should therefore under no circumstances squander your unique opportunity on this planet.