The cosmetics industry in particular has been grappling with numerous allegations from animal welfare organizations and environmentalists for years. And not without good reason!

Almost a third of all cosmetic and personal care products contain different chemicals that cause hormonal changes. Nevertheless, even smaller brands have already developed sustainable and harmless alternatives.


Eyelash extensions: Environmentally conscious manufacturers

eyelash extensions

In contrast to cosmetics, other industries are already one step further. In the furniture and furnishing industry, for example, various certified woods from ecological forestry are increasingly being used as the basis for tables, chairs, cupboards or decorative items. Some designers and manufacturers also use part of their income to prevent endangered forests from being cut down and to plant new trees.

The right products are also increasingly being used on the desk in sustainable offices. They are using notebooks made of recycled leather, notebook bags made of wool felt or pens made of fine synthetic resin. Those who consciously equip themselves and show their colleagues that style and sustainability do not have to be mutually exclusive are setting an example and setting a good example.


Greenwashing in the cosmetics and eyelash extensions industry

More and more cosmetic items and eyelash extensions are labelled with the terms “organic” and “sustainability”. Somewhere on the label, for example, a green logo is emblazoned and promises sustainably produced cosmetics. Consumers may even really want to do something good for themselves and the environment. So they resort to these products and fall into the trap.

This method is called “greenwashing”. Companies boast about certain social or ecological achievements and thus pursue a brazen strategy. Because uninformed consumers, who are lost in the jungle of seals of the market, buy “bad” products despite possible good intentions. The company’s services that are declared sustainable are often purely invented or at least so minimal in relation to the negative eco-social effects of the core business that they can almost be classified as fraud.

Real seal for controlled natural cosmetics

It is all the more important that you have to inform yourself about the corresponding seals.  You must check their official meaning, for example on the Internet, before reaching out for a product. Of course, smaller brands keep coming onto the market that is not tested directly. Then it is important to take a closer look at the ingredients. Check also any information about manufacturing processes, company philosophy, etc.