Cons of New Technology

As Elijah Schmaltz, a professional writer, states, “You will witness a lot of research papers focusing on the negative effect of technology. Think of technology as an invention that will make your life simpler, something that will make the whole world a better place to exist. We have to use technology and innovation with the goal of making the earth cleaner.” 


Because the general production and consumption levels have improved, the global pollution levels have also raised. For instance, because there are a lot of industries in the present times, there is a lot more gas that is harming the atmosphere also.

In addition, these industries get rid of of harmful goods in water bodies such as local rivers and lakes that heighten water pollution. Nevertheless, if proper technological improvements are conducted, the level of pollution caused can be lessened significantly.

Loss of Habitats

To produce more space for individuals and their needs, a lot of natural environments have faced injury that has negatively influenced several plants and animals. Huge areas have been declared inadmissible for animals mainly because of the lack of a technological condition and technological improvements such as devices from ponfish.

Ozone Layer Exhaustion

The only thing that shields us from the devastating consequences of UV rays is the Ozone layer. Becaause of the too much usage of pesticides, synthetic fertilizers, and the emission of greenhouse gas, we are suffering Ozone layer depletion. With the Ozone layer weakened, the chance for difficult diseases like cancer, skin issues, etc. has grown quickly.

Destruction and Endangerment of Species

Because of human intervention, a lot of plants and animal species are threatened today while several others have even become obsolete. Every day, animals and plants are disappearing and if we do nothing to prevent it, it will have an unfavorable impact on the planet in the future.


To get more are for agriculture, industrialization, producing housing facilities, etc., individuals have been cutting down and roasting huge areas of fundamental forests. This not only results to global warming, but it also creates a change in the climatic situations of regions.