The United States of America is among the countries who are witnessing the brunt of global warming as climate itself begins to act up terribly, much to the inconvenience of many innocent people. One great and most recent example of this climate crisis that the US has experienced is Hurricane Ida, which devastated New Orleans last week as a very intense Category 4 tropical cyclone. As Ida made its way across the United States, eventually going into the busy New York City, it dumped tremendous amount of rainfall. This caused major flooding in many urban streets, something that the people in the city has never experienced in their life before.

It is very hard to keep the conversation about climate change not political, but the thing is that we need support from our leaders to stop the destruction of our environment. Humanity’s selfish ways to sustain their needs has impacted the environment negatively, and in return, the environment is giving us back the horror through these destructive hurricanes, and even wildfires. Nonetheless,we should act fast, better yet act NOW, to save the environment.

Real Change For Protecting Mother Nature Must Happen In The Higher-Ups First

Many environmental organizations have been advocating sustainable materials to be used by people to create new things. For one, instead of using straw made of plastic, which is destroying Mother Nature as it is with billions of accumulated plastic straws in the ocean, we can switch to paper straw made of recycled materials. Also, when going to the grocery store, instead of asking for plastic bags to carry your groceries, you can just pick the reusable eco-bag instead.

Those things being said, as much as we all appreciate the efforts in protecting the environment, we are running out of time. As the years pass, many unwanted consequences of climate change are confronting us. Instead of running away and ignoring these consequences, we should make a stand. Using paper straw instead of plastic straw to do our part in saving nature is great, but for a more distinguishable change, we need to ask big corporations, responsible for the production of pollutants that affect the environment, to join us in our mission. Read more:  for the best kitchen guide in picking your grillers. Don’t worry, your food will taste delicious but you don’t have to worry about the griller’s smoke. It is eco-friendly!