Texas politics have been influencing views about climate change, residents still ignore repairs and maintenance measures to enhance the protection of homes. Yet in Dallas Fort Worth Texas, homeowners whether Republicans or Democrats, have experienced the reality of climate change, since through the years, their respective houses are constantly battered by wind, hail and thunder storms.

Of course Dallas Fort Worth Texans are aware of the changes in the way these weather disturbances have been taking place. Such awareness also suggests they know the importance of having better roof repairs and replacement materials if they want to make sure the roofing protection over their heads can withstand the test of time for years.

North and Central Texas Hail Stones Have Become Heavier

In April 2022, although the hail stones measuring 5.68 inches that fell in Fort Worth communities did not make record as the largest, they made record for having the greatest volume. Hailstones weighing nearly a pound each carried a volume of 29.5 cubic inches. Meteorologists touted them to be the heaviest hail stones to come crashing down on homes located in the 46 counties located in Central and North Texas regions.

What Fort Worth Texas Roofers Rescommend as Roofing Materials

In other parts of Texas, asphalt shingle roofing remains as the most used type of roofing material. If proper repair and maintenance processes are applied, the shingles can last for about 10 to 15 years before they start needing replacements.

Yet in Fort Worth, roofing contractors are more inclined to recommend the composite asphalt shingles because of their superior architectural and structural benefits. Even if this type of roofing material is more expensive, its robust construction and monumental durability, more than make up for the minimal additional price it would cost homewoners who need roof replacements. Mainly because they could double the lifespan expected from asphalt shingles, even as the weather disturbances get more worse that it already is.

Apparently in Forth Worth Texas, roofing contractors also support actions proposed by proponents of climate change movement. In addition to concrete asphalt roofing, many Fort Worth roofers use superior quality metals, slates and membranes like EPDM abd TPO as roofing materials to promote energy efficiency; or at the least, reduce the demand imposed by HVAC cooling and heating systems.

Although every type of roofing material have their limitations when it comes to making them less energy efficient, the knowledge and skills on how to use other materials enable Fort Worth Dallas roofers to address such limitations — either to naturally bring the temperature down or to keep it from climbing higher.